Often we find ourselves stuck in a familiar pattern of thinking, feeling or behaving.  We’ve been here before.  It can make us feel uncomfortable and hold us back from realising our potential in our relationships, at home, at work or at school.

Counselling provides a safe and confidential environment to explore these familiar patterns.  It can help you to develop a more robust sense of self, allowing you to move on and develop more fulfilling ways of being.

Work can be short term to a mutually agreed time frame or longer term.  Whatever the nature of the work we do together, we will regularly review the progress we are making and mutually agree the need for any further sessions.


At InsideOut we love to inspire people to reach their full potential.

Perhaps you are someone who has found your way here looking for help setting goals at work, in relationships or in life in general?
You may be an employer looking to inspire your team to become better leaders, and develop their talents, your greatest asset.

Maybe you are a school or college looking to provide some bespoke workshops for staff, students or parents around behaviour, team building or mental health awareness?

Contact us to find out how we can help you.